Entebbe Reptile Village

Entebbe Reptile Village

Entebbe Reptile Village is generally located north of Entebbe in Bunono village just a short drive from Abaita Ababiri along EntebbeKampala highway. This amazing reptile center is one of the fun and most exciting places to visit while on Entebbe city tour. Also ranking it one of Entebbe’s popular attractions for tourists with snake phobia because it will not only blow your mind but also take away your fears. Also known as the snake park, this reptile village is a home to over 20 reptile species. It was established in the year 2002 by a Ugandan man called Yasin Kazibwe who was formerly a speed boat captain. However, he also had  good knowledge about reptiles and a passion of saving them. The reason to its establishment was to sensitize and educate the community about the importance of wildlife, how to protect and conserve them. 

Historical background

Yasin Kazibwe was formerly known as snake man by his peers and family. As a matter of fact, he disagrees with the saying that snakes or other reptiles are bad.  In that case, he strived to make people understand that these reptiles are not bad and need to be saved and conserved. He sought permission to start a reptile project which was approved under government community-based poverty eradication project. So far, he has rescued about 40  reptile species and given them a home at the Entebbe reptile village.

He has also published different documents about reptiles including a book titled snake bite. Reptiles that are encountered here include; Forest cobra, Gabon viper, tortoises, Nile monitor. Leopard tortoise, Jackson’s chameleon, boom slangs, Cobras, African rock python, Monitor lizards, Mambas, puff adders among others. Today, the Uganda reptile village is flooded with people such as animal researcher’s and students.  These love and are interested in reptiles and this is because it’s the first haven for conservation of reptiles in the country. 

Why visit the Reptile village?

Basically, this is one of the unique areas in Uganda where you have a chance to see the care takers play with snakes. Regardless of how poisonous some of these animals are, they know the best way to handle them. You will also get a golden opportunity of lifting the African python snake with the help of a well-trained guide.

The reptile village has got other attractions such as the two basins. One has different tortoise species while the other with non-climbing reptile species. There is also a point where you will be able to watch camouflaging chameleons. Additionally, it consists of a swamp that is a habitat to many other reptiles and primates such as the blue, vervet monkeys etc. The swamp has a number of birds and fish which makes sport fishing one of the activities carried out here. Canoeing is as well one of the activities here and it takes place on a 3km synthetic river stream.

Getting there

The Entebbe reptile village can be accessed 4 kilometers off the KampalaEntebbe highway. Tourists can use public transport from either Entebbe or Kampala. The entry fee is affordable and tourists who would like to join the conservation can donate in the box. However, it is open to visitors 7days a week from 8am to 6pm including public holidays. In addition, there are various accommodation units for tourists varying from budget, mid-range and luxurious accommodation.

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