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Coaster Bus HireCoaster Bus Hire : is mid-sized passenger bus licensed to carry up to 29 passengers. Basically, it features a small TV, MP3/CD/DVD player, small fridge and AC with a high roof. Additionally, it has got well-spaced seats giving you all the comfort you require on the road trip. Your light luggage can be put in the roof rack while the heavy cargo goes on the side cargo holder. Therefore coaster bus is by far the most affordable mini bus for hire in Uganda. More so, it is ideal for group road trips to the parks, projects and city destinations.

If at all you are planning an airport transfer for your group of course the coaster bus is the perfect vehicle for the job. Our fleet of well serviced coaster buses coupled with professional drivers ensures you and the group get where you are going comfortably, safely and reach in time. You can rent a coaster bus in Uganda today from US$ 120 per day with a driver-excluding fuel. To book or inquire bus rates, simply get in touch with us.

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